don’t touch that dial

May 5, 2005

i felt like coming back today.

Here’s a post i made on wht:

Day One
Whenever you hear someone speak of giving up an addiction, they always tell you that the first day is the most difficult. For me, this saying couldn’t be more true. I had previously planned to go outside and have a damn good time. I always travel on foot because i have no car. When i woke up Monday, it was 10:00AM, and while walking down the hallway, i looked outside to see that it was extremely gray. Soon after, a hard mix of snow and rain came falling down. This weather anomoly lasted for 5 minutes, and quit imediatelly after. Only to return about 5 times throughout the day. The rest of my time was spent listening to the 7 cds i had previously burned, and watching tv. About sixteen hours after initially waking up, i stepped out of a television induced blackout to realize i had been stairing at my wall for nearly a half hour. The internet did go through my mind sparadically throughout the day, for a few hours i took up the habbit of smacking myself in the face whenever i thought of it.

Day Two
I woke up at 2:00PM that day. The internet went through my mind a few dozen times, but i fought off the urge to come back. The weather had improved a bit over night. It was still fairly cold. Around 6PM i felt like getting away from the family that was only worsening the stress, so i wandered out into an area of my town that is under construction, only to get lost out in the woods. One of the terrible things about getting lost in the woods is that 1) I’ve been afraid of being in the woods at night since i saw the blair witch project and 2) I’m super duper afraid of snakes, and I could hear a constant hissing noise through my entire trip out there. After about 2 hours of lostness, I made my way out onto some property that the gravel pit owns (they own about half of the property in my town) and i was able to navigate from there, to return to my house

Day Three
Fairly decent day. I didn’t go out, most of my time was spent listening to the radio, watching television, and watching some movies. The weather outside was great, but due to all the hiking i did the day before, my feet were very stiff, and i had a few blisters. Thankfully, due to all the tv watching i had previously done, my brain had a chance to adjust, and get used to extended tv-watching periods.

Day Four
Overnight, i started worrying about the possibility that someone would do something to any of my websites while i was gone. Mistakinly, I hadn’t previously picked someone to admin my sites while i was gone. So, I logged on to check up on everything, and make sure all my sites were running stable. I did find some abuse attempts, but there wasn’t anything major. But, i have realized that because i logged on, I’m kinda stuck here.

The Moral of the Story
While it is good to take a vacation every now and then, you shouldn’t force yourself to do it. The ideal solution would be to balance internet and reality time, and to never over-do any activity.

Have fun.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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