Fun with Idiots.

May 1, 2005

some interesting stuff has happend over the past day.

Some guy who went by the alias of t3chb0yg3n13 at wht started getting on people’s nerves. Then after people started questioning him, he made up a thread saying he was leaving wht for good.

So, i went to his blog, and replied to an entry he wrote, and called him an idiot, and called myself Steve Cooperman.

Then he went and posted a thread on WHT where he posted the IP address registration info of the attacker. No mention of me, or my name. If he really knew what he was doing, he would have done a search, and seen that i suggested someone name their cat Steve Cooperman in a thread that happend many months ago.

Well, he posted the same notice on his blog, and i replied to that entry saying “You’re still an idiot.” . This time, i used the name Andy Stevens.

He deleted that comment, and wrote a new entry saying that he was reporting people to their internet service providers.

Earlier today, i replied to the second thread he posted saying that it was me. A few minutes later, the thread was tossed. And a few minutes later, he was banned.

It’s all pretty funny. I continue calling him an idiot, and he threatens to ‘Report my ISP’ .

Ah.. i’m gonna miss this place.


2 Responses to “Fun with Idiots.”

  1. mikeyisabitch Says:

    1) the definition of an idiot doesn’t insult me much….but it was junk
    2) ur the idiot around here ……leaving your blog vulnerable to me
    3) besides who would read about this bitchy story..

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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