losing it.

April 29, 2005

Tonight, my insanity reached it’s limit.

[22:46] sdrawkcab yekim: now for the part i couldn’t say on wht
[22:46] sdrawkcab yekim: blue27 is a god damn elitist asshole who treats me like shit any time he has something to say to me.
[22:46] hqkerry: I like blue
[22:46] sdrawkcab yekim: i am sick of you, you fucking marshmallow man. Butt the fuck out of my threads, and die.
[22:46] hqkerry: very mature mikey
[22:47] sdrawkcab yekim: fuck off kerry.
[22:47] hqkerry: I’ve tried to be nice to you
[22:47] *** “hqkerry” signed off at Fri Apr 29 22:47:06 2005.

I’ve been planning to leave the internet for a week to try and regain sanity. So, Starting monday i’m going to be leaving for 5 days.


3 Responses to “losing it.”

  1. You know you can’t take five hours off.

    The trick to completing goals is to keep them realistic. :p

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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