four twenty eight

April 29, 2005

8 days after 4/20… i didn’t sleep until like.. 8am. I would have made coffee to stay awake, but the coffee pot was in the dish washer which was running.

i’m still wearing this wrist splint. cyst is a little smaller. I’ll continue wearing it for another 2 weeks. If it’s still there around that time, i’ll quit.

my leg is feeling much better. there’s a little pain when i move them around, they’ll probably heal overnight.

i’m downloading the new tiesto cd. cd 1 is done, it’s alright music.

we had tacos for dinner. they were good. the taco shell people came up with an idea to make the bottom of the taco semi-flat, that way they can be stood up. that was a pretty good idea.

today seems like friday.

i watched a couple of those “missing in action” movies on AMC. they were entertaining. chuck norris is the man.

it’s hard to type with this wrist splint on.

Site5 put on some promotion called “super hosting” today. They bought special advertising space on WHT and it resulted in mass panic, confusion, and anger . I can understand why advertisers would complain, but for the end users to bitch about something that is only going to be there for 1 day is stupid. What the fuck do the owners of wht owe to them? They don’t hold power to veto advertising campaigns site-wide. If you don’t like an advertisement, download advertisements blocking software like i did, and block . Don’t think that just because you don’t like something, that nobody is going to like it.

it’s 12:47am, and i’m feeling tired. I’m probably going to stay on, but that’s about it for today.



2 Responses to “four twenty eight”

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