April 28, 2005


i’m still hurt.. my leg seems to have magically healed partially while i was laying in bed. my big toe is still hurting.

i don’t quite know what happend. But it seems like i slid on a part of the floor which was slippery into the rug that stopped that leg after it had already reached far past the rest of my body. Then i came leaning forward thus pushing my toes a little out of socket, then i feel sideways with my right leg in the same position, and not moving until my knee popped and i went to the ground. I’m not sure if that was really what happend, but that doesn’t leave an explanation for why my right knee is swollen, and is a little scratched up. It was a really crazy moment… probably the worst pain i’ve felt in a while.

In other news, we had.. some dish for dinner.. i don’t really remember what it was.. uhh… ohh yeah, it was uhh… yeah, i don’t remember. Wait.. I think it was fish sticks and french fries.. ohh yeah, that’s what it was.. yeah, they were good.

I’m in the process of downloading the new tiesto cd. It’s about 300mb, it’s going to take a very long time. I’m about 50% done with cd one right now.

Last night I got into a miniture argument with jeremy johnstone on whtirc. It started with him saying that nobody likes me, which he’s probably right about that.. i’m not even sure why i continue writing this blog.. i guess i just do it for easier note tracking of the secret society which exists to control my life. But the argument went on and on, and I now feel kinda bad about myself.. so, if you don’t see me updating this blog too often, you know why. I just got sick of writing about myself, since nobody really likes me anyhow.

I don’t really like my life anymore. Maybe it’s just because i had a bad week. But i’ve been an asshole to a few people for no reason, and i guess i’m just creating entertainment for myself by treating them so badly.. I think i’ll start being nice to more people, and avoiding conflict more. Sure, i’m always going to have differing opinions on alot of issues, but if i meet someone who’s beliefs differ from mine, i’m just gonna keep my opinion to myself.

i have a headache.. i’m gonna go get some sleep now. goodbye people.


3 Responses to “today.”

  1. But, we love you man.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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