“I believe you’re cursed or something.”

April 27, 2005

Waking up a half hour ago, i walked into the kitchen and noticed a slight slipperiness on the floor. I figured it was just that section of floor, and forgot about it. I then walked out into the living room to check on some stuff, and prepared to walk into the kitchen to cook lunch. Upon entering the kitchen, i was walking completely normal until i reached a section of floor in front of the sink.

My right leg slid ahead of me, sending me into the splits. In those splits, not only did my groin go to far, but the section of leg which exists under the knee went out too far, and my big toe went out too far.

After i went too far in each of those splits, i attempted to fall to the ground, and in that instance my leg went in a completely unnatural direction, and while going down i heard a pop.

20 seconds later, i got up, and started walking back to bed. As i was getting up, some tendenes inside the lower part of the leg started hurting very badly. While walking, my big toe hurts.

I’m not sure if these injuries require medical attention.. i can’t really check since i’m health careless.

I’m ready to bitch out my dad for cleaning the kitchen floor when it didn’t need cleaning.

<tehbooster> mikeylove: I believe you’re cursed or something. :S



3 Responses to ““I believe you’re cursed or something.””

  1. evilrabbi Says:

    dood O_O…………………… that makes me hurt…..
    =\ and i have no health care either so i know how ya feel..

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll parox. 70 (INT)

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