Teeth Trouble

April 23, 2005

The last time i went to the dentist (a few years ago), they were pressuring me to get my wisdom teeth out. But, because of the money that is required for such an operation, i’ve been putting it off.

When i was at the dentist, they took an x-ray of my jaw, and one of my wisdom teeth is nearly sideways inside fo my jaw. It looked pretty bad at the time, and i don’t believe it has improved any more in the 2+ years since i was at the dentist.

Today, i woke up with a partially swolen jaw. After feeling around, i realized it’s in the place of that one wisdom tooth that is growing sideways.

SO.. i’m pretty worried. I have no health care, and it’s going to cost $1000+ to get these things taken out. I don’t imagine the process of cutting open my jaw to remove this tooth is going to be a pleasure.

I’ve heard getting your wisdom teeth taken out normally isn’t a pleasurable experience. Lord only knows how terrible i am going to feel as they cut open my jaw to remove this thing.

So.. Here i am, without $1000 for the surgery, with this tooth fucking up the alignment of all my teeth.

Hopefully the swelling will go down with the aid of this icepack.


One Response to “Teeth Trouble”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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