Another High School Memory

April 22, 2005

In the 11th grade, i started a website. The website was . This was a personal website where i talked about myself, and things that interested myself. It was kind of like this website, but much much uglier. One day, i got the bright idea to publish who i believed to be the top ten hottest girls at my website.

So, i wrote up the list, and posted it up on my website.

After i told a few of my friends about it, then logged on and read it, and found it to be the most hilarious thing i had ever down.

On the page, the girl’s full names were listed, along with the reasons why i believed they were hot. None of the entries were demeaning, except for one where i referred to something a friend of mine had said about one of the girl’s being slutty.

Well, after i told my friends about it, they went out and told every person they knew about this webpage that i had put up. And after only a week, pretty much every student at oxford high school knew about my list.

A couple of weeks later, i was sitting in my 5th hour social studies class, and i recieved a note to go to the office. I had no idea why i needed to go to the office, but i went anyway.

When i arrived in the office, i was directed to the assitant principal’s office. When i walked in there, she was holding a print out of the top ten list.

Upon seeing her, i said “so, ya saw my website, huhh?” . She said “this is unacceptable!” . I said “what’s wrong with it?” she said “it’s wrong for you to objectify these girls. You’re lowering their self esteems” I said “don’t you think they would appreciate it? I mean, i am complimenting them.”, she said “you have a choice: delete this page in my office now, or be suspended.”.

I was kinda worried at the time, so i said “okay, i’ll delete it.” . So, i logged into the user cp, and deleted the page.

After showing her that, she then left the room, and grabbed my records. When she returned, she dug up my mom’s work phone number, and proceeded to call her, notify her of the incident, and notify her of my 2 week suspension.

After she got off the phone, i asked her why i’m being suspended after she told me i wouldn’t be suspended if i deleted the page. She said “we have policies on things like this, would you like me to call the police?” . I said no.

While walking back to class, i talked to some people i knew who could actually access the website via a copy that was stored in the school network’s caching proxy server.

When i got home, mom deleted every file i had uploaded to my webspace. The website took almost a year to make, and it was all deleted. She also announced my grounding from the home computer for 8 months.

A few days later me, the mom, and the vice principal had a meeting. I was suspended for 2 weeks, my access to school computers was revoked for the rest of the year, and the mom was shown a copy of the page which she didn’t believe i should have been punished for. The vice principal (Ms. Richardson) also told me that when i came back, we would be meeting with each girl who was on that list.

During those 2 weeks, i had a great time. These afternoons were spent walking up town, and talking to a girl i had previously met on the internet. She only went to school for half the day, and spent the rest of the afternoon working. She was home for 1 hour after school before she went to work. She was a nice girl. We never met. We were both striaght-edge at the time (no drugs, booze, smoking, etc..) .

When I went back to school, i didn’t apologize to any of the girls. My sociology teacher asked me if i was upset since my 1st amendment rights were revoked, and brought up the idea of contacting the ACLU. I did contact the ACLU, and we went through a few emails. Unfortunantly, nothing came of it.

During the year away from the computer i got interested in TV. Around the 6 month mark, i tried marijuana for the first time. After i told the straight-edge girl, she quit talking to me. I continued smoking pot, and now i’m drinking. I never got into cigarettes.


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    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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