Seventh Grade

April 20, 2005

Seventh grade was a great time for me. It was during that year that my mother and I reached an agreement. The agreement we made was that my math teacher Ms. Hind was a complete bitch.

Ms. Hind was a complete bitch. You probably think my mother and I were overreacting when we came up with this synopsis, but we weren’t. This women called my mother at work on a daily basis, and during that year i accumulated a personal high of almost 65 detentions.

Ms. Hind was an evil bitch. She hated my guts. She would give me a detention over the slightest thing. I would frequently recieve detentions resulting from the most trivial of issues. Weather it be not doing homework, making a joke, or even speaking. Ms. Hind was a detention-crazy witch.

Most of the time, the detention would just be an hour after school. Sometimes before school. Sometimes a halfhour lunch. On one ocassion Ms. Hind ordered me to clean every locker in the school, regardless of how long it took me. Myself and my mother thought this was bullshit. So i just washed lockers for 10 minutes until i reached my locker, when i just got my stuff out of the locker, and ran out of the school to my house that was about a half a mile away.

That particular instance set Ms. Hind off. She phoned my mother who was at work, and told my mom. My mom answered her complaint with a simple line – “Don’t you think you were being a little irrational?”. This set Ms. Hind off into a screaming spree with included threats to call child protective offices accusing my mother of being an irresponsible parent. My mom just hung up on Ms. Hind, and went back to work.

Ms. Hind didn’t call child protective services. She took her anger out on me, and ordered me to spend an hour and a half with Ms. Hind after school for a week.

I served that week of detentions.

After 7th grade finished, i went on to 8th grade. Ms. Hind was assigned my math teacher initially, but my schedule was changed after that.

Ms. Hind still holds the title of bitchiest teacher i ever had to deal with.


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    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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