my incredibly minimal now playing script

April 20, 2005

I wrote this a minute ago. It took me a minute. Feel free to use it for your own stuff.

create a file called song.txt in the folder of your choice, and chmod it to 777 .

Create a file in the same directory and call it update.php .

put the following code in the update.php file:

$a = $_GET[‘b’];
$c = “echo $a > song.txt”;

Download the winamp dosomething plugin from here .

Once installed, go to your winamp preferences, go to the general tab, and click on the option labeled “DoSomething Plugin[gen_dosomething.dll]” and click the configure button.

In the actions selection, select “Submit a URL”

In the first text box, enter the following:

After that, unclick the “disable plugin” button, and click the “Enable ID3 Info Gathering” button. Then click OK.

Now select a song on your winamp playlist.

One you do that, go to . It should say the song you are listening to there.

If you wish to display it on your website, you can use the php include() function like so.

<? include(‘/system/path/to/your/song.txt’); ?>

then it should work.

have fun.


6 Responses to “my incredibly minimal now playing script”

  1. That would be perfect.

    Except, music is evil. And I am saintly.

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