did i miss a day?

April 20, 2005


didn’t do anything today.

i should have done something.

here’s something i realized about myself..

let’s say i fall asleep at 12:00AM, and i am unexpectedly woken up at 9:00AM

I’m too used to sleeping for 10 hours per night.

So, i’ll fall back asleep.

and then i’ll wake up at like 3:00PM

i guess that’s how out of wack my internal sleep schedule has become.

Being awake for 1 minute will result in me having to sleep for 2 hours.


Well, i guess I’ll try not sleeping tonight, and then go out in the morning / afternoon to the laundry mat for a job application.

maybe i’ll make it out to the gravel pit to clib that hill… depending on how out of wack the 2 hour walk across town to the laundry mat makes my feet.

We had.. hamburgers for dinner. they were good.

i watched a couple sitcoms tonight. Those sitcoms were scrubs, and the office. Scrubs was mildly funny. The Office was hilarious.

that’s about it, laterios.


2 Responses to “did i miss a day?”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:


  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aprox. 70 (INT)

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