A High School Memory

April 18, 2005

In high school, i hung out with a group of pot heads who were all in the special ed class.

They weren’t there because they were retarded, but because they ALL had ADD.

Before school, i would hang out with them on some property outside the school, and they would smoke cigarettes, and ocassionally one of the other normal people would come out there with some pot.

I would engage in the pot smoking, but not the ciggs.

One of the girls who hung out with us went by the name of ashley. Ashley was kinda bitchy, pretty slutty, and she held the title of queen of the happy trail.

That was the name of our hangout spot. The happy Trail. Because it was near the woods, and there was a trail out there.

One 10th grade day, i was leaving the school about a half hour late. Near the enterance to the school, ashley was hanging out with another guy we knew who went by the name of Jason Pope. Jason was a known drug kingpin at OHS.

As i approchaed the door, ashley caught notice of me. When i looked at her face, i would tell she was stoned out of her mind.

Ashley walked up to me and said “hey, my boyfriend will be here in 15 minutes” and she accompanied those words with some of the greatest body language i have ever experienced. I’m not gonna go into the specifics of what she did, but let’s just say i was wearing some baggy pants that day, i couldn’t find my belt that morning, and ashley was very talented with her hands.

Now.. At this time in my life, i was a particularly paranoid kid, and had always worried about something wrong i had done getting back to my parents. So, i cautiously denied ashley’s offers, and left the school without boning ashley in the bathroom near the enterance.

A few weeks later, ashley told us the story of how her boyfriend got her pregnant, and her mom took her in to get an abortion.

Throughout the years i hear stories from her ex-boyfriends who each recieved a fresh batch of genital herpes from ashley.

I’m not sure if ashley had herpes at the time. But i’m glad I wasn’t responsible for getting her pregnant. Lord knows i would have made the stupid mistake of believing her pregnancy was a good reason to get married.


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    Death toll about 70 (INT)

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