Charles Bronson

April 17, 2005

Last night, i watched 3 movies on AMC which starred Charles Bronson. Those movies were Death Wish, Death Wish 3, and Death Hunt. Despite how redundant the film titles were, the film’s star character was someone all of us could look up to.

In those films, charles bronson plays the same basic character. In the first Death Wish, he starts out as an old guy who loves his wife, and is slightly annoyed by all the crime that happens in the city they live in. It is only after Charles’ wife is raped and murdered, that charles enters ‘vigilante’ mode, and starts a murder campaign to rid his city of gangsters.

In death wish 3, charles starts a murder campaign after one of his old-man friends is murdered. In this movie, the murder-sequences are kind of unbelievable. Pretty much any time someone is shot while on a rooftop, that person manages to do a front-flip off the building. Why would someone do a flip off the building after being shot in the chest/face? Wouldn’t they just fall back? Jumping in the direction from which you were shot doesn’t make any sense. Unless you were planning on murdering your murderer before you die. But i don’t think the murderee will be in very good shape after falls off the top of the building.

In death hunt, charles bronson’s character ends up moving out into the great white north. In the beginning of the movie, he kicks some guy’s ass because that guy is operating a dog fighting ring. When charles arrives, the dogs are very bloody, and one of the dogs is looking like he’s about to die. Charles walks up, and kicks the ass of the owner of the dog who is about to die, then tosses $100 to the man in order to purchase the dog. After the man says “This dog is worth $200”, charles tosses $100 more to him. Then charles picks up the dog, and while that dog is being cared for, the guy who’s ass was just kicked says “hey! that dog’s worth at least $1000, i only bought it for $200” . Charles ignores the man, puts the dog on the back of his sled, and goes back to traveling. Then in later parts of the movie, the men that were running the dog fight show up at charles’ house, and one of the men in that group is killed after the group attempts to murder charles. Eventually, the cops sit outside his house in a shoot-out which is a failure after they try to blow up his house but don’t kill him.

In each of these movies, charles bronson plays a vigilante. The law partially supports him, but are required to hastle him due to the nature of his work. If you’re looking for a decent set of movies, watch these movies.


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    Death toll about 70 (INT)

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