April 12, 2005


decent day.

bought a couple .info domains during the namecheap $2.00 .info and whoisguard special. The domains i purchased are and . is going feature a clip from rolling kansas where goofy boots are explained. will be another way for the people to get here.

Chris came over and traded me a cd full of music in exchange for a copy of microsoft visio 2003. The most notable title on the cd he gave me was a copy of john farnham and tom jones in concert. Old people music kicks ass.

We had some kinda soup for dinner.. i think it was split pea, i don’t really remember. all i remember was that it was good.

Downloaded some porno last night.

I’m gonna go out tomorrow if weather permits.

Can’t wait for summer to start back up.

i’ve been getting interested in black women.. in my experience black women have been really bitchy, but they do have bodies which are better than that of women. I declare latin women are number one, black women are number two, european white women are number three, and american white women twenty.

Well uhh.. i guess that’s about it. I suppose i’ll push the publish button now.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:


  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Death toll aproximately 70

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