Threats and More

March 18, 2005

Today, I was threatened by our friend Lance .

At the moment when i picked up the phone, i was particularly annoyed. Why was i annoyed? Because prior to lance calling i had dealt with an onslaught of 15 calls throughout the day.

Being that i was very annoyed, I answered the phone by screaming “hello” with my teeth clenched.

Who did i hear on the other end? Our good friend lance, who seemed to be equally annoyed with me.

So, As soon as i let out my not-so-fierce “hello!” lance quickly greets me as “Paul” (my dad’s name.. the person he’s looking for). Lance says “We’re gonna be filing charges at your door Paul”.

I reply by saying “This isn’t paul.”.

Lance replies in saying “We’re through playing games, Paul” .

I say “This isn’t Paul, I don’t appreciate being threatened.”

Lance says “We’re through playing games, charges are being filed.”.

I say “Okay, bye.”.

Call’s over with, right? Wrong.

30 seconds later, lance calls back to say “Make sure to have your ID Present when we show up.”, I reply in saying “This isn’t paul.”. Lance says “We don’t appreciate being lied to”, i say “I”m not paul you fucking dick, I’m mike, I think the courts would have a problem with you disclosing information about personal debts to the person who isn’t the account holder, now piss off already”.

The call ended there.

I’m seriously fucking annoyed here. Inogenius says that this guy could be fined $50,000.00 for doing this. It’s complete bullshit that people like this are allowed to throw threats at the people who shouldn’t even be involved with.

I’m too annoyed to talk, laterios.


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