March 11, 2005

[01:27] sdrawkcab yekim:
[01:28] Rollingsixxes:
[01:28] sdrawkcab yekim: you live in the uk ?
[01:28] Rollingsixxes: no
[01:29] sdrawkcab yekim: why’d you link to a domain?
[01:29] Rollingsixxes: read the link more carefully
[01:29] sdrawkcab yekim: why not link to ?
[01:30] Rollingsixxes: idk
[01:30] Rollingsixxes: who cares
[01:30] sdrawkcab yekim: don’t you think my website is funny?
[01:30] Rollingsixxes: i didn’t go to it
[01:30] sdrawkcab yekim: ohh
[01:30] sdrawkcab yekim: go to it
[01:30] sdrawkcab yekim: it’s a funny joke
[01:30] sdrawkcab yekim:
[01:30] Rollingsixxes: f u mikey . com
[01:31] sdrawkcab yekim: i understand it
[01:31] sdrawkcab yekim: but go to mine
[01:31] sdrawkcab yekim: you’ll think it’s funny.
[01:31] Rollingsixxes: you don’t get it..
[01:31] sdrawkcab yekim: i do get it
[01:31] sdrawkcab yekim: you’re saying “fuck you mikey”
[01:31] sdrawkcab yekim: which is hardly that funny.
[01:31] Rollingsixxes: yeah.. but you dont’ really get it
[01:31] Rollingsixxes: i’m not jokin
[01:31] sdrawkcab yekim: what did i do?
[01:32] Rollingsixxes: it’s more of what you didn’t do
[01:32] sdrawkcab yekim: why are women so confusing?
[01:32] Rollingsixxes: why are men so dense
[01:32] sdrawkcab yekim: why can’t you just say what i didn’t do, and bypass the mystery?
[01:32] sdrawkcab yekim: because women believe we like to play games.
[01:33] Rollingsixxes: February 8th, 2005 4:11 PM [CoA Users] [Add] [Edit] [Delete]

I found out yesterday what my exact knee injury is.. I hurt it waiting tables on Xmas day. Apparently I tore my ACL in half, I have a tear in my miniscus (the cartlidge on top of my tibia (large calf bone) and I bruised my bones all at the same time.. basically with my right foot planted, my thigh rotated on top of my knee 90 degrees away from my body and my ACL popped. I am scheduled for surgery on February 18th, depending approval from workmans comp. After surgery I will be on crutches for at least 10 days and I will have physical therapy for 8-12 weeks depending on my progress.
[01:33] Rollingsixxes: February 16th, 2005 12:55 PM [Private] [Add] [Edit] [Delete]


surgery has been moved from Feb. 18th to Feb. 25th.

[01:33] Rollingsixxes: February 24th, 2005 4:07 PM [Public & CoA Users] [Add] [Edit] [Delete]

it’s the final countdown…

not Europe either

My surgery is tomorrow @ 5pm EST.. I more than likely will be lying around in pain for a few days.. so don’t expect to see me around for a bit. 😦 this is gonna suck really really bad.

.. catch me here too:

catch y’all soon, take care 🙂
Current Mood: Scared
[01:33] sdrawkcab yekim: how’d you break your knee?
[01:33] Rollingsixxes: March 11th, 2005 12:16 AM [Public & CoA Users] [Add] [Edit] [Delete]

Day 13

Knee cap: not exactly aligned due to swelling, rubs wrong.. hurts

Tibia: hurts

overall.. swelling and inflamation is my cause of pain mostly..

I started physical therapy and seems to be progressing ok..

My online time has been cut from about 42 hours/week to about 8 hours a week.. (this is rough and very new estimate) so be patient.. that’s all i can ask

anyways.. wanted to let you know that I am healing and doing fair. 🙂
Current Mood: Grateful
[01:34] sdrawkcab yekim: sorry, i don’t keep up with coa journals
[01:34] Rollingsixxes:
[01:34] Rollingsixxes: it also in my blog on Myspace
[01:34] sdrawkcab yekim: myspace is teh most confusing thing ever.
[01:34] Rollingsixxes: and i posted it in in SEVERAL bulletins on MySpace
[01:34] Rollingsixxes: not my fault
[01:35] sdrawkcab yekim: yeah it is, because you use it.
[01:35] sdrawkcab yekim: who comes up with names for bones?
[01:35] sdrawkcab yekim: they could have come up with names that are easier to remember.
[01:35] Rollingsixxes: there is a convient diagram on my livejournal
[01:35] sdrawkcab yekim: i saw that.
[01:36] sdrawkcab yekim: are you getting workers comp?
[01:37] Rollingsixxes: if that’s what they want to pretend it is.. sure
[01:39] sdrawkcab yekim: you’re pregnant?
[01:39] sdrawkcab yekim: who’s pregnant?
[01:39] Rollingsixxes: what
[01:39] Rollingsixxes: OH!
[01:39] sdrawkcab yekim: your latest LJ post
[01:39] Rollingsixxes: you can skip that entry
[01:39] Rollingsixxes: my friend is pregnant
[01:39] sdrawkcab yekim: ohhhh
[01:40] sdrawkcab yekim: make sure to read my blog –
[01:40] sdrawkcab yekim: i’ll remember to read yours.
[01:40] sdrawkcab yekim: i’ll do ya one better, i’ll give you a link back on my site.
[01:41] Rollingsixxes: mikey: so, how are you doing christy?
christy: not so hot… actually, in pain right now
mikey: can you walk?
christy: not yet.. it will be awhile
mikey: that sounds like it sucks
christy: worst pain i’ve ever felt in my life
[01:41] sdrawkcab yekim: when was that? i don’t remember saying that
[01:42] Rollingsixxes: exactly, my point
[01:42] sdrawkcab yekim: when was it?
[01:42] Rollingsixxes: you DIDN’T say it
[01:42] sdrawkcab yekim: ohhhh
[01:43] sdrawkcab yekim: well, ya can’t change the past.
[01:43] Rollingsixxes: no, but it never hurts to try either
[01:43] sdrawkcab yekim: i’ll start working on a time machine tomorrow morning.
[01:43] Rollingsixxes: you’re an ass
[01:44] sdrawkcab yekim: you say that too often.
[01:44] Rollingsixxes: maybe cause it
[01:44] Rollingsixxes: it’s true
[01:44] sdrawkcab yekim: but you’ve said it about other guys.
[01:44] Rollingsixxes: and i also it about othe girls
[01:44] Rollingsixxes: also say it*
[01:44] sdrawkcab yekim: write new material.
[01:45] Rollingsixxes: you fucking write new material, jackass
[01:45] sdrawkcab yekim: there ya go
[01:45] Rollingsixxes: you’re being a Jerk
[01:45] Rollingsixxes: period
[01:45] sdrawkcab yekim: you’re being bitchy.
[01:45] Rollingsixxes: maybe cause i’m in PAIN your moron
[01:46] sdrawkcab yekim: so, is that my fault?
[01:46] Rollingsixxes: and you don’t care to even acknowledge that.. you just want me to read some crap you wrote about computer shit or some skank online you can’t bone or some dude who thought he was being cool and you had the one up on him the whole time.. why don’t you try writing new material?
[01:48] sdrawkcab yekim: you were correct about one blog topic in that last statement.
[01:48] sdrawkcab yekim: bye 🙂
[01:49] *** “Rollingsixxes” signed off at Fri Mar 11 01:49:09 2005.



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