hey now

March 7, 2005

hey everybody,

Good day. Woke up at 1:30 with a headache. Took some excedrin, got another headache around 8:00PM after dinner and took more excedrin. Now i’ve got a bit of a caffeine wire going on, and i’m typing really fast.

Doing work on whtblogs tonight. It should be good once completed.

We had dinner from the uncle’s pizza place tonight. I had baked spagetti, parents had ribs and salad. I tried some of the sauce from the ribs and it was damn good. I’m gonna try and find out who makes that sauce, and where more could be bought, if it’s custom made, i’ll suggest he start bottling it and selling it to customers.

I’m considering registering the domain forceit.in and making it redirect to michaeljackson.com .

I put irc.sc up, view it at http://www.irc.sc . If you see a sedo.com listing, then that means your ISP’s dns servers are holding an old result, and you should wait a day or two for their cache to update.

Bought a pair of aiwa hp-x223 headphones from ebay last night. Hopefully they’ll be here in this week.

Got about $85 or so in paypal now.. .in domains cost $20/year .

I probably won’t sleep tonight because i’m so jittery.

That’s all for today, laterios.


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