March 6, 2005


Good day. I woke up at 1:30 to the sound of my own radio playing some boring law advice call in show that is only played on saturday.

I setup DesktopX only to realize it’s a HUUUUUGE resource hog. Now i’m just using normal old minimal windows shell.

I bought a new skin for Board Help . It’s looking pretty good so far. The skin cost me $30 and it was purchased from this place .

I decided to switch back to firefox from opera.. Opera requires alot of getting used to, and i really can’t deal with an adblock-free browser. Plus the css bugs that opera has make the whole situation hard to deal with. So.. i guess i’m gonna stick with firefox for a while.

I’m about 30 posts away from 5000 at WHT . I’ll probably hit that marker in a few days.

Lance Smith hasn’t served papers at my door yet. He’ll prolly come around some time this week. I think he tried calling here while my dad was on the computer. My dad just said “no, paul’s not here, bye”. Pretty funny when it happend.

What else’s happend… The weather was pretty nice today. Hopefully it’ll clear up fully this week, and i get get out there.

I wore this wrist brace yesturday in an attempt to get rid of the cyst that has been on my wrist for the past 2 years. I made this mistake of sleeping with it on, and I woke up with almost no feeling in my hand, my hand being swollen, and a really haggard red mark going all around my wrist.

I’ve got $105 left… I think i’ll buy a new pair of headphones this week.

That’s about it for today. Laterios.


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