Walk to the front of the Line

March 4, 2005


I’m still awake.. Wow.

still using opera.

I’m trying to find a copy of a patton oswalt special from comedy central on either dvd or mp3. I’ll buy the DVD if i can find it, and the seller accept paypal.

Watched a bruce lee tv special on AMC tonight, it was good.

Had chinese food for dinner. It was good.

Chinese food is the second best food ever, next to pizza of course.

During the afternoon, i kept on getting faked out by the warmth inside my house, and the brightness outside. I must have looked outside 3 times expecting to see sunshine, only to be left disappointed when seeing 4 feet of snow.

I think the show “distracted’ will get cancelled soon.

Fixed some IE design bugs in the future-new skin, check it out at http://imikey.com/test/ . More work needs to be done for other elements of da design.

There are some opera inconviences. One being the inability to change the order of toolbars. After about an hour of research, i managed to move my pages (tabs) toolbar under my address bar toolbar. Another one is that google renders in a different mode called “html mode” where alot of key features dont’ work. I’ll try and find a fix for the gmail bug tomorrow. One other bug is that some “position: absolute;” css elements don’t render correctly. I’ll figure out that bug later tomorrow.

That’s about it for today, laterios.


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