I’m just talking…

March 2, 2005

Hi People.

Sorry i didn’t update last night.

No sleep last night.

Doing laundry for the first time in 2 weeks, also cleaning.

Coffee cup is sitting on the desk… haven’t drank out of it yet.

It’s snowing alot today.

I’m getting sick.

Downloaded “jimmy eat world – Static Prevails” last night. 3 tracks in, i’m enjoying it so far.

Still have $135 sitting in my paypal account. Considering sending it to myself in check form so i can blow it in reality.

Considering purchasing some prints from deviantart.com, and possibly some music from tunnelamerica.com . We’ll see what happens there.

mmm.. that’s good coffee.

quotey quotey quote quote:

<TheBush> The Game has been kicked outta G-Unit Records by Fifty….
<mikeylove> How do they consider themselves gangsters when they are all millionaires?

Boardhelp.com is back online.. hopefully we’ll recover from those.. 15 posts that were lost in the great database dump of February.

I’m too tired to type anything more, laterios.


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