a day too late

February 26, 2005


Yesturday i made $100 for fixing mysql for inogenius, and i made another $50 setting a couple shoutcast transcoders for thsi guy. Today, i spent $110 of that money on a new pair of headphones .

The bank to paypal transfer the mom was waiting on finally processed, and we sent payment for the item she won on ebay.

Today i considered starting a hosting company. That idea may come to play in the next month or so.

Yesturday, registration for whtblogs.com finally finished. That site is going to be setup to act as an index for all webhostingtalk.com member blogs, as soon as i code up a system to offer such functionality.

The song “espionage” by Green Day is great, i recommend all of you download it.

Funny quote:

<mikeylove> i just got $100 from inogenius.
<mikeylove> i’m anxious to blow it
* SoftWareRevue quotes mikeylove to TV ” <mikeylove> i’m anxious to blow it”
<mikeylove> hahahahhahaha

Well, that’s about it for now. Laterios.


One Response to “a day too late”

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