shim sham allakazaam

February 24, 2005

Hi everybody,

I’m pretty tired.

I’ve found that i’m pretty accident prone when i’m tired.

This theory was proven tonight as a accidentally dropped the database which uses.

So.. we’re back to square one on that project.

Today.. i went to bed at 8AM, and i woke up at 4PM. Decent sleep.

dennis aka softwarerevue is getting more unsick.

I still miss the summer.

Aparently kerry jones has started a blog. Maybe i’ll exchange links with his site.

We mcdonalds for dinner.

I’m gonna continue reading my “designing with web standards” book, tomorrow.

My life has been really.. really messed up lately… I’m gonna go outside for a really long walk as soon as the weather clears up.

I don’t know why.. but i have a big feeling that someone is going to die very very soon. I have no idea who, but I have a really bad feeling something is going to happen to someone very soon.

I’ve been really disgusted with the youth of america. These people make alot of really bad decisions, and i’ve just about had it with these people.

How the fuck does ashlee simpson have any fans? I mean.. she’s been proven to be a fraud, and there are STILL little moron teenagers who think she can really sing.

Another thing that i’ve been disgusted with is redneck pride. What the fuck is that about? People are proud of being stupid? That’s kinda being proud of having aids.

Gonna be starting another website in the next few days… stay tuned for that.

well.. that’s about it for today, laterios.


One Response to “shim sham allakazaam”

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