I’m Expirationphobic.

February 22, 2005

Lately, i’ve been really concerned about things i own expiring (eg: software licenses, domains) . So, i’ve made it my intention to check expiration dates for everything i own on a weekly basis, and come up with a plan to keep everything i own active.

One of the biggest things i worry about is this domain. You see, I didn’t pay for this domain. SoftwareRevue did after he saw it drop on some websites that lists recently expired domains, and he just pushed the domain to me from his to my enom account.

That’s all well and great that he gave me the domain for free. But the real problem here is that i have absolutely no funds in my enom account, and my only means for internet transactions is paypal. But, enom requires a minimum transfer from paypal of $100.00 , and I don’t have $100.00.

So, now i’m in a bit of a pickle. My friend Jean Pierra of blinx.net offered me the opportunity to push my domain to his enom account, send paypal payment of $7.00 to him, he’d renew it, and push it back to my account. But right now, I’m saving the $10.00 i have in my paypal for a new pair of headphones.

Another idea i had was to figure out a way to push imikey.com to my namecheap account (where i keep all my other domains), and then enjoy all the intentives that come with it (eg: whoisguard). One of the quirks about doing this, is that it shouldn’t require much work, as namecheap is just an enom reseller. But the last time i asked them abuot an enom related question (pushing domain from namecheap to an enom account), they told me that it wasn’t possible. So, I’m not completely sure if this course of action would work out.

Regardless of what i do, i have until November 6, 2005 to do it.

2 Responses to “I’m Expirationphobic.”

  1. Ray Says:

    You can’t push an enom domain to a namecheap account, even though they’re a reseller. That’s why you can register the same username on namecheap as you have at enom without any errors.

  2. mikey Says:

    I could probably transfer registration to godaddy, and then push it back to enom / namecheap… that seems like a huge waste of resources though, heh.

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