“you are the bestest mikey i’ve ever known”

February 21, 2005

Hi everybody,

blog is updated to wordpress 1.5 . I’m too lazy to check to see if the old style works on 1.5, and i kinda like this new one. So, i think i’ll keep this one around.

Paris Hilton’s contacts, notes, pictures, and videos have been leaked. Check it out at http://www.hoes.ca/paris_hilton_notebook_hack.html .

My headphones are partially broke. One of the Two bands that keep things tight to my head snapped off. I need to raise about $30 for a new pair. My paypal is mike@oxiserve.com if you would like to donate.

Downloaded some porn last night, it’s good.

In WHT News, i hate blue27. I’m pretty sure i’m not alone on this one, but I think he’s an up tight, condescending, asshole.

I went to bed around 6AM this morning.

That’s about it from my corner of the internet, laterios.


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