ads on imikey?

February 19, 2005

[16:19] acegamingacer: your gonna be making tons of money.
[16:19] sdrawkcab yekim: some day
[16:19] acegamingacer: you should really put google on imikey though
[16:20] sdrawkcab yekim: i don’t think they like my cussing.
[16:20] acegamingacer: you tried applying?
[16:20] sdrawkcab yekim: you don’t have to apply once you have an account
[16:20] acegamingacer: but why dont’ you just add the domain
[16:21] sdrawkcab yekim: i kinda wanna keep ad-free
[16:21] sdrawkcab yekim: it’s bad enough people have to read what’s happening in my life
[16:21] sdrawkcab yekim: they shouldn’t have to stare at a huge 450×90 banner
[16:21] acegamingacer: ol
[16:21] acegamingacer: lol
[16:22] acegamingacer: ohh i’m fly
[16:22] sdrawkcab yekim: i should post that quote
[16:22] acegamingacer: lol


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