“you are a friendly, smart, easy going, cool person”

February 18, 2005


good day. woke up at 4PM, had roast for dinner.

looked at a job offer that i could probably fill, the only problem is that it’s out in california. Read about it here – http://www.dreamhost.com/jobs.html

nothing really happend today..

i coded a simple 3 column css/divs layout for fitzy… if you want it, you can reply to this entry.

did a little work on a script for hellsfury.com

Fixed up some minor bugs on http://www.boardhelp.com . I still need to finish the new skin.

Downloaded “modest mouse – Building Nothing Out Of Something” last night… i gave them a second chance in downloading this, i regret downloading it.

modest mouse sucks.. their videos are alot better than their music.

That’s about it for today, laterios.


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