“you are a world class, fuzzy, bundle of huggable love.”

February 16, 2005


It was a decent day. I got my photoshop 7 bible in the mail. I had to do a bunch of other work for that same guy, and i didn’t get paid.

Because that guy didn’t pay me, and because i’m so impatient – i decided to purchase Invision board instead of vBulletin for boardhelp.com . They haven’t processed my order yet, it’ll probably be here later today.

There is currently a snow storm going on outside, there will undoubtedly be a ton of snow to be shoveled in the morning.

I probably won’t sleep tonight.. too much work will have to be done in the morning.

Today i got blinx.net to start hosting aforum.us . Should result in a great performance boost for the site. I was talking to the company owner earlier tonight, and he said that the server we’re hosted on right now will be moved to a new / better server later this weekend.

The dad bought this ball thing that’s supposed to be used for excercise. I’m going to try and learn how to use it later tomorrow morning.

The well that my house and the rest of the community uses will be under maintenance for the next 24 hours. I made the mistake of not peeing before they started maintenance, so i’m going to be forced to rush outside later this morning, and pee outside.

I don’t think i should have drank those 5 cans of tea :X.

I’m gonna start developing an invision board style for boardhelp.com later this morning.

I probably won’t be able to stay awake all night.. i’m getting kind of tired here.

For some reason, my house stinks of cigarettes.. i should spray some air freshener later on.

That’s all from my corner of the entarweb, laterios.


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