From an argument about michael jackson on whtirc…

February 16, 2005

<@Jamesc> I said Drop it.
<adam> lol..
<ub3r> how about we modify the discussion, and start referring to “michael jackson” as “strawberries” ?
<@Jamesc> adam: if you find it that hard to drop it then i suggest you leave
<adam did I not just drop it?
<adam> thanks..
<@Jamesc> Hmm i think i recall saying drop it previously then you carrying on , then i had to remind you to drop it again.
<adam> im the one carrying on?…ugh..
<ub3r> I believe strawberries is completely guilty, and he is no less guilty than pineapple who murdered his wife kiwi.
<adam> lol
<tiz> lol
<ub3r> Won’t somebody think of the blueberries?
<tiz> lol
<talkwebhosts> lol
<tiz> i don’t know how even with 138438 surgery’s someone could come out looking like that

good times 🙂


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