Jello Biafra rules.

February 12, 2005


i’ve had a halfway lousy day.

12+ calls from various bill collectors… i hate them so much.

Was interrupted from work numerous times.

Finished most of a project that i’m supposed to be doing in a week or so. Good to get things out of the way early. Check out a demo of the project here: . It’s powered by php and the invision board mysql backend. I hope the guy doesnt’ backout of the $120 payout i’m supposed to get from it.

I bought the ashes to ashen skin for . Check out the skin here: . It should be delivered tomorrow.

I came up with a plan for . I’m gonna make it into a board owners community / services website. We’ll offer things like Software Installations and Upgrades, Discussion filling, Board Cosmetics Customization, Hack Installation, and Hack Upgrades. With part of the $120 i’m supposed to get, i’m going ot buy an additional ipb license for it.

Uh.. I got a new TV in my room about a week ago.. the thing is pretty broken. It takes like 5 minutes for video to appear when turning it on. I kinda regret replacing my old 13 inch tv with it. Well.. not realy that big of a regret, since i still have my old tv sitting in my room.

About a week ago, we got a bunch of swiss miss chocolate pudding, and lipton iced tea (raspberry and fruit flavored). I’ve been chowing down on that stuff for most of the week, my body isn’t adjusting to the sudden hike in caffeine intake very well. I think i should stop drinking so much tea.

A few weeks ago i saw the band Rise Against on mtv2. Good to see those kids are getting their music out to a bigger audience than that of the typical epitaph band.


One Response to “Jello Biafra rules.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Too much coffee is a drag and it will make you sicker than a dog. Bill collectors….that’s got to suck.

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