no sir.

January 26, 2005

It was quite the eventful day.

I woke up around 11AM, and then i went back to bed to sleep until 2:30PM.

then i got up, and i went online.

after about an hour the guy i was talking to about sellingi instant messaged me. I told him that due to “objections from fellow site admins” (ballajosue) , we couldn’t sell the domain.

Well, he persisted and i told him that balla told me to up the price to $130, and that that’s the minimum asking price.

well, then aonic messaged me, and he told me to up it to $200, i upped the price to $200, and suprisingly – the guy actually bought it.

After selling, i purchased

To Recap, is no longer mine, postwhatever is now mine, and i now have about $215 in my paypal account, to go willy-nilly with.

My dvd still isn’t here, i emailed ebay customer support tonight to file a report against this guy, i’m gonna call the guy tomorrow afternoon to try and get a refund, or a reship.

I’m thinking about buying a copy of clientexec, to further in the development of, i might also renew the registration on for another year, or i may purchase a new camera, or even a perpetual invision board license.

We’ll see what happens.

That’s about it from my end, laterios.

2 Responses to “no sir.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Who you callin’ Sir?

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