They’re too late

January 24, 2005


T’was an okay night. I had a pizza sub from jets for dinner, parents went out to apple bee’s. I think i might walk way out here some time in the next few weeks, as the review they produced made it sound totally great.

I was going over traffic statistics for this website, and i noticed alot of people searching for information about the scam that is being put on by Guerra Communications. Check out the search result statistics at . For some reason, google hasn’t been able to access our website for the past few weeks, so that would explain the lack of google traffic listed there. However, i recently fixed up a dns error that our servers were experiencing, so hopefully the site will be accessable by google now.

I started a thread called “Ask Uber” at in the “general chat” section, if you have ever wanted to know my opinion on any issue at all, register, and post over there. So far, the thread has been fairly active. I’ve recieved some negative feedback, but with each insult that comes in my direction, i counter with a comeback that is 10 times as worse as their original insult.

Hopefully i’ll get my dvd some time in the next week. I’m getting awfully impatient, and i’m hoping i won’t have to go after the people who sold it to me. However, right now i recommend nobody ever purchase from or ebay user: patan01 .

I’m getting tired here.

I guess that’s about it, laterios.

One Response to “They’re too late”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    You better grow up fast son ‘cuz you done fucked up.

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