i never liked the weekend, i’ve got a year long holiday – thank god it’s monday

January 24, 2005


Woke up around 2, mom took a personal day today, and her day off is tomorrow – so i get to deal with her 2 days in a row.

dvd’s still not here.. i hate the internet.

i finished downloading NOFX-The_Greatest_Songs_Ever_Written-Advance-2004-SDR last night, it’s great.

I’m probably going to call the lasercorner.com people tomorrow to see just what’s going on. Maybe they’ll reship me a copy of the movie.

I published http://completejackass.info yesturday, and made an enhancement on it today. Check it out if you want, there’s nothing major going on with it.

Here’s a funny quote from a minute ago:

<ub3r> am i allowed to spam my blog now that i removed the porn links?
<Trade_Viceroy> Npo
<Trade_Viceroy> Er…no.
<ub3r> why not?
<ub3r> your original complaint was the porn, the porn is gone now.
<Trade_Viceroy> You are not supposed to be doing it in the first place.
<Trade_Viceroy> Doesn’t matter.
<ub3r> dammit, what did i even remove the links for.
<Trade_Viceroy> You did it on your own accord.
<ub3r> after you asked me to
<ub3r> i assumed that by removing it, i would be allowed to continue to link it.
<Trade_Viceroy> No, I didn’t say that.
<Trade_Viceroy> Well, you assumed wrong then.
<ub3r> :forkfork:
<ub3r> you decieved me.
<ub3r> how dare you?
<ub3r> after all that we’ve gone through together
<ub3r> you just jabbed the dager in my back like that.
<ub3r> the marriage is off!
<Trade_Viceroy> Excuse me?
<ub3r> šŸ˜›
<ub3r> you know i love ya, tv baby
* Trade_Viceroy puts ub3r on ignore.
<ub3r> again?


umm… that’s about all that’s going on with me, laterios.


One Response to “i never liked the weekend, i’ve got a year long holiday – thank god it’s monday”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    NOFX is a good band I was them at the Polish Falcons Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The singer had pink hair.

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