funk that

January 22, 2005


I’m starving. Dad should be here any minute now with dinner from quiznos.

Haven’t gone to check the mail because i don’t have access to the mailbox key, and i don’t really want to walk all the way out to the mailboxes.

I shoveled snow twice today, the first time went for about 1.5 hours, the second time was for about an hour… There was alot of snow.

I’ve been feelin’ kinda depressed lately.

Prohacker mentioned me in his interview with, it made me laugh when i first read it, read the article here .

Michael Powell resigned from the fcc, read about it at any of the websites that are reporting it .

That’s all from my corner of the internet, laterios.


One Response to “funk that”

  1. Ballajosue Says:

    haha, good shit uber. i read the aritcle, “What did ub3r do now?” haha, thats some good stuff there ubs. What have u done there in the past? lol. anywaYZ.. see ya later.

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