I was born a Ramblin’ Man..

January 18, 2005


Went to bed at 11PM, woke up at 11:00AM, feelin’ great.

Tried out that idea for chilly ramen for lunch today. It was okay. It needs the following improvements:

1) Double Ramen, use 2 cubes instead of ONe
2) Dry ramen completely, prior to mixing with chilli
3) Possibly drain a little bit of the liquid from chilli

I’ll make it with those improvements, tomorrow. Hopefully it will be improved.

The hospital sent my grandfather home. Grandma says he’s back to his hormal self. Hopefully his condition will continue to be stable.

Fucking FEDEX still hasn’t delivered my dvd. Hopefully it will be here today. If it’s not here today, then i’m gonna contact the guy who sold me the dvd, and demand some kinda way to make up for the money i wasted on shipping with fedex.

I downloaded Lagwagon-Live_in_A_Dive-_Advance_-2005-FNT.tar last night. It’s great music.

Well, i guess that’s about it, laterios.


2 Responses to “I was born a Ramblin’ Man..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you suck

  2. Ballajosue Says:

    ^^ STFU YOU

    Anywayz.. good to hear your grandpa is good now uber, hopefully he’ll get better and be back to his normal state, laterz—-> Balla


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