20 Reasons to never trust a women – On the next Maury Povich Show

January 12, 2005


My eyes hurt. That’s probably because i had another one of those sleepless nights, last night.

Been doing alot of WHTing for the past few days. Boy, Am I tired.

I listened to tunnel trance force volume 30 last night, and again this morning. I like it more each time i listen to it.

My playlist just shuffled to a song by the group “Cibo Matto”, i miss these kids. I suggest you download some of their songs, and perhaps purchase one or two of their albums on your own.

I had salad for breakfast. I think i ate too many croutons.

There’s a show on TBS around 4:00AM EST called “blotter”, it is a complete ripoff of Reno 911, and it is completely unfunny.

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.

Regarding the title, It’s a well known fact among my reality acquantances that I hate the maury povich show. If you ever need a reason to hate today’s youth, or the idiots who live in the world today – watch this show.

That’s about it for now, laterios.


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